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Automate Workflows, <br>Turbocharge Sales Ops

Automate Workflows,
Turbocharge Sales Ops

Built with cloud-based technology and optimized for the insurance industry, AgentCubed equips you with powerful tools to manage and distribute leads, streamline the sales process, and grow your business at scale.

  • Route leads efficiently to sales teams
  • Manage client policies and renewals
  • Evaluate sales ops performance
  • Manage and monitor customized proposals
  • Automate sales and marketing communications
  • Assess lead and custom data points
  • Consolidate all agency operations in one place

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Simplify the Process of Selling Insurance

Lead <br>Management


Quote, Propose,<br>& Enroll

Quote, Propose,
& Enroll

Relationship &<br>Policy Management

Relationship &
Policy Management

Reporting &<br>Analytics

Reporting &

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Drive Engagement, Manage Customer Pipelines

  • Lead Generation

    Capture insurance leads from marketing campaigns in a centralized hub, use performance data to build purchasing profiles, and track key performance indicators (KPIs) all in one place.

  • Lead Nurturing

    Automate communications and easily configured workflows for sales and marketing to take lead nurturing campaigns to the next level and boost response times.

Drive Engagement, Manage Customer Pipelines
Streamline Workflows to Manage and Grow Your Business

Streamline Workflows to Manage and Grow Your Business

  • Lead Routing

    Assign leads through automated, rules-based routing filtered by geography, licensing, skill sets, and other customizable data points ­ — including agent skill level.

  • Quoting & Proposal

    Quote and compare products, calculate premiums, review drug and provider coverage, and submit applications directly to the exchange or carrier.

Get Full-Funnel Visibility into Your Business

  • Pipeline Tracking

    Get real-time access to sales results after easily inputting and tracking products sold.

  • Productivity Dashboards

    Efficiently monitor marketing campaigns, agent productivity, generated premiums, policy counts, plus carrier and product performance.

Get Full-Funnel Visibility into Your Business


A team of tech innovators at your disposal


Ditch the complicated
tech stack

With our tools, you don’t have to rely on multiple, disjointed technologies to track leads, sell policies, and manage your growing book of business

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Easily implement a tool
that can grow with you

Your sales ops relies on insurance specific tech that meets your current needs out-of-the-box and facilitates your ongoing growth

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We are your
partner in innovation

Our team's technological expertise and deep industry knowledge offers your business a compelling competitive edge

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