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AgentCubed is an out-of-the-box platform in every sense of the word. Our all-in-one platform delivers technology enablement, with everything an insurance business needs to distribute and manage leads, automate back-office workflows, accelerate marketing campaigns, and enrich the customer experience.


Sales-driven workflows
designed to grow your book of business

AgentCubed offers built-in capabilities designed to help drive sales activities at every level. Our powerful platform allows you to easily route leads to individual reps, and create rules that trigger follow-up reminders and campaign-specific nurturing throughout the sales lifecycle.

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Lead distribution rules

Create lead distribution rules based on your service area, agent licensing, and even agent skill level

Lead distribution automation

Create rule-based paths that route leads to the right agents, based on the consumer’s channel of choice

Lead follow-up automation

Automate lead nurturing and follow-ups for specific requests, channels, and campaigns

Transform Sales Processes

    • Improve the success of lead generation efforts
    • Significantly decrease the average cost per sale
    • Boost the efficiency of your entire sales team
    • Reduce response to lead time
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Create custom quotes and proposals for clients’ specific health and large asset protection needs

Every prospect and client is unique. Whether they are seeking new or supplemental health coverage, aging into Medicare, going through major life changes, or looking to protect their vehicles, AgentCubed will help you cater to all of their insurance needs.

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Quote policies

Pull quotes for one or multiple plans based on your clients’ specific needs

Create custom proposals

Send quotes from multiple carriers or multiple plan options from a single carrier

Track proposal status

Easily track the status of your proposals and new policy sales right in the CRM

Promote Client Retention

    • Save time and improve consistency with professional proposals
    • Identify and execute on cross-selling opportunities
    • Automate customer support outreach
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Track what’s working and what isn’t

Setting goals like “increase customer lifetime value” or “improve client retention” is critical to growing your insurance business. Our reporting and data management tools are made to give you full visibility into your insurance sales operational data, and update automatically when new leads enter your CRM.

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A single CRM for all contacts

Integrate marketing campaigns across all distribution channels with CRM data for a single source of truth

Real-time marketing dashboards

Get real-time updates to lead generation campaigns: SEM, Direct Mail, inbound response, and outbound calls

Real-time sales dashboards

Leverage real-time reports to gain deeper insights into team and agent productivity levels and profitability outcomes

Enable Strategic Growth

    • Continuously improve insights to make sales operations decisions and train your team
    • Right-size your marketing budget based on a detailed ROI breakdown of your campaigns
    • Assess Customer Lifetime Value metrics at a granular level
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Minimize the time it takes to track policies and maintain the personal touch required to keep clients happy

Your clients continue to expect a high level of care after they’ve signed their policies. Our policy management tools help you continue to deliver great customer experience even after the sale.

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Date-based automation

Schedule client communications around policy renewal dates, 65th birthdays, hurricane season, or open enrollment windows

Activity-based automation

Route new or returning leads based on geography, source, campaign, or website form submissions

Mobile app

Add, receive, and update leads as well as sales opportunities on the fly, from anywhere, and from any device

Build Better Relationships

    • Improve customer service and client satisfaction
    • Increase productivity in less time with automation
    • Empower agents to work on the fly
    • Automated follow-ups act as your “always-on” sales reps
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Mitigate regulatory risks and remain audit-ready with compliance-friendly features

Appointment tracking features help ensure
agents are focused only on products they’re licensed, appointed, and certified to sell.


Help ensure adherance to CMS and TCPA guidelines; document client interactions, from permission to contact to do not call requests


Track agent compliance with training and licensing requirements, while opening new revenue streams with ancillary offerings


Turn customer and prospect sales conversations into conversions using detailed summaries of current and former policies

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