Meet all of your goals using one powerful solution.

Whether you have 5 or 15,000 agents, you can transform the approach you take to meet your Medicare marketing, sales and retention goals – regardless of whether you’re a health plan organization, marketing organization, or broker agency. Get a complete line of sight to the entire sales life-cycle from marketing to sale across all distribution channels – all within one powerful platform that combines automated lead management and distribution, a robust CRM, and agency management to provide you with one solution for all of your needs.


Real-time Updates

Receive real-time updates to marketing campaigns across all channels, from SEM, direct mail, inbound response to outbound call campaigns with the AgentCubed API.

Sales Process

Maximize cost per acquisition through improved marketing oversight, increased sales conversion and integrated reconciliation tools.

Minimize Cost

Decrease average cost per sale by boosting efficiency and reducing overhead of sales team with automated distribution and sales processes.

Improve Adherence

Ensure you always maintain compliance and adhere to industry regulations with built-in compliance features.

Optimize Sales

Optimize sales efforts across all distribution channels with complete line of sight.


  • Ensure agents are only offering customers products they’re licensed, certified and appointed to sell using AgentCubed licensing and appointment tracking features.
  • Track beneficiary consent using the “Consent to Contact” module, allowing for improved adherence to CMS regulations.
  • Ensure all call center-originated field appointments have a completed SCOPE before the lead ever makes its way to a field agent.
  • Capture and retain documents/documentation for each and every beneficiary interaction.
  • Improve compliance – AgentCubed works with industry experts and constantly monitors the Medicare Marketing & Enrollment Guidelines to simplify adherence.

Campaign Tracking

  • Always stay on top of KPI’s using fully customizable, real-time dashboards to track and monitor data.
  • Effectively monitor marketing campaigns, agent productivity, generated premiums, policy counts, and carrier and product performance.
  • Efficiently manage and track all aspects of the sales process with access to executive dashboards, agent scoreboards, custom reports and live system monitoring.
  • Build purchasing profiles for future marketing campaigns, staffing models, and agent training using invaluable post-campaign analytics.

Direct Mail

  • Eliminate the need to track print separately from digital efforts using in-house or third party mail and print service providers.
  • Fully automate the capture of inbound calls and business reply card responses generated from direct mail campaigns.

Fulfilment Requests

  • Streamline the submission of pre-enrollment kits, summary of benefits, and all-in-one guides.
  • Easily use the built-in pick and pull approach to find geographically available plans based on the lead’s location.
  • Integrate with in-house or third party mail and print providers to enable electronic fulfillment via email or hard-copy.


  • Create and manage detailed information for seminars including presenter, location, date, time, attendee count, and more.
  • Use the intuitive search feature that only lists seminars based on the distance (mile radius) of the seminar relative to the zip code of the lead.

3 In 1 Solution for the Health & Life Insurance

Lead Management
& Distribution

  • Automate workflows for intelligent lead distribution based on geography, agent licensing level, and even agent skill level.
  • Improve response time with the lead nurturing feature to ensure highest converting leads route to top-performing agents while aged leads direct to your second tier sales force.
  • Use SMS/text or email lead distribution to allow sales team to find the right agents at the right time for intelligent appointment scheduling.

CRM Software

  • Eliminate the need for multiple screens and systems by accessing all customers in one easy-to-use platform.
  • Utilize features such as integrated telephony, call scripting, built-in quoting – everything you need to convert a lead into a customer.
  • Never forget to contact a lead using automatic distribution of follow-up tasks, built-in calendar and event reminders.
  • Use AgentCubed out of the office via the simplified “light version”, built with field-based agents in mind.


  • Eliminate case management using automated underwriting, book of business and commission files via integration with select carriers.
  • Customize product configuration based on carrier, coverage type, plan, price and geographic ability.
  • Get real-time access to sales results after easily inputting and tracking products sold.
  • Easily find and track effective dates and Medicare claim numbers.

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