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4 Key Email Campaigns for Insurance Agencies

Dec 9, 2019

Email campaignsFor insurance agencies to remain competitive, sales trends are moving toward marketing automation and lead nurture tracks. The most cost-effective way to keep leads and current customers engaged is through email marketing campaigns. Email marketing is the most impactful and least expensive marketing tactic you can utilize, and 77% of consumers prefer email for marketing communications. Email has a longer lifespan than social media, providing longer shelf-life to your message, and 91% of online consumers check their email at least once a day. Email marketing allows you to easily target segmented lists, track open rates and conversions, and keep a stream of communication for future policy purchase or renewal.

A drip marketing campaign is essentially a strategic track of brief, prewritten emails that maintain communication between sender and recipient. Even if your prospect isn’t ready to purchase at present, an email drip campaign can keep sending targeted, relevant content and remind the prospect of your brand, keeping your name top of mind when they’re ready to buy. Consider the following four email campaigns you can implement to stay engaged with leads and customers:

  • New Leads
    • Whether you purchase a lead, hear back from a lead through a business reply card, or a user interacts on your website, utilize your CRM technology to automatically add that individual into a “new lead” campaign. Based on any website activity, page visits, or form field inputs, send helpful, related content that educates on topics that pertain to the prospect. Depending on their inquiry, consider sending educational content on healthcare trends or long-term planning.
  • Nurture Leads
    • If you reached out to a lead without hearing a response, automate future communication by adding them to a nurture track. This communication is also ideal for leads who are not ready to buy, but may be interested in purchasing insurance in the future. Along with educational content, send relevant information about coverage options to keep your offerings in mind. If the lead is approaching 65, share content on eligibility for new types of products to help them navigate a new season of life. Whatever content you’re sending, best practice is to make your content as targeted as possible to personally engage your leads.
  • New Policyholder
    • Once a lead becomes a customer, communicate immediately after the sale and subscribe the customer to your agency’s newsletter. New customers should receive targeted information about current products as well as important calendar notices, like birthdays and policy renewal dates.
  • Customer Retention
    • Keep sharing relevant content with current customers to maintain relationships and deepen engagement. Consider sending additional content on related products to share other options of interest. When you become a helpful resource, customers are more likely to stay loyal to your business and renew their policies, increasing your customer retention.

Each of these campaign examples highlights key communication opportunities at important stages in your lead funnel. Email marketing campaigns help you manage your lead funnel more efficiently and effectively. By automating these communications, your agents can focus their energies on priority leads while nurturing relationships across their business.

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