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Yes, we have integrations with CSG Actuarial, Quotit, Quomation and RabbitApp. Our integration with Quotit also provides direct on and off exchange enrollment!
Yes, our platform provides multiple licensing levels. Each level provides limited access specific to that role. In addition, the administrator role has the opportunity to provide further line of sight capabilities as needed.
Yes, live updates are available with the limited number of carriers that have the ability to communicate through our API. Limited updates are also provided with additional carriers through nightly batch feeds.
Yes, all changes and touches are recorded. We pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive approach to assist our clients with their compliance needs by providing a complete historical track to all touches with each opportunity.
We do not provide our own telephony services however we have strategically partnered with major cloud and premise based telephony providers. This integration provides the licensed user seamless access to all inbound, outbound, and click to call campaigns.
No, we are not a lead provider or lead reseller. We work closely with lead providers and lead aggregators to facilitate the distribution of purchased leads to our clients. We accomplish this by providing automated, intelligent work flows that ensure each lead is delivered to the specific agent most qualified in the service area of the lead. This approach significantly lowers acquisition costs by reducing administrative overhead and increasing conversion.
Yes, we offer fully automated drip email campaigns that enable the agent to focus on member acquisition rather than follow up tasks. Automated emails generated to both clients and agents based on policy updates and disposition status add to the overall efficiency of the agent.
AgentCubed is a cloud based solution enabling you to securely access all company data from both desktop and mobile devices via the internet. Away from the office? No problem, as long as you have internet access you can take your office with you.
AgentCubed allows you to set up commission tracking specific to Policy, Plan, and geographic location. This will enable you to validate carrier commissions paid. Reporting features will enable you to pass agent specific commissions to 3rd party processors.
No, we currently do not process payments via AgentCubed but can integrate to third party merchant accounts and TPA to facilitate payment transactions.
Yes, we currently offer complete policy payment tracking features. Reporting features are also available for historical payment data.
Yes, we pride ourselves on providing industry leading Business Intelligence features. For those that live on data you will not be disappointed. Build, pull, schedule, and send literally any level of information desired.
Yes, for mail fulfillments we work with key third party vendors to meet all your fulfillment needs. Completely automated based on your business rules reducing administrative workload while increasing overall efficiency. We also provide efulfillment capabilities where you can create the email template and send directly from AgentCubed.
Yes, we can receive AL3 downloads throughout the day so your agents don’t have to worry about entering the details of a P&C policy in AgentCubed.
Yes, the Scoreboard feature is designed specifically to allow individuals and groups to see where they rank amongst others. Sales challenges are proven to increase productivity, our top accounts love this feature.
AgentCubed is a SAAS model. This means we charge per user per month. Our average user cost is $79 but this can change based on signing a 1, 2, or 3 year contract and by the number of users you will have on the platform.
Absolutely, for the initial setup this will be accomplished by our professional services team. We also offer data import tools that will enable large file transfers by your administrative staff.
AgentCubed is designed for the individual insurance industry. We do not currently offer a software solution for Banking, Real Estate, or other markets.

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